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Naturally Galvanize Plant Defenses

With many conventional chemicals no longer in use, biorational solutions for crop production are rapidly gaining ground in standard application programs globally. Bolstering inherent plant defenses through better nutrition, Alltech’s protection programs are designed to mitigate the use of fungicides by integrating conventional fungicides with biofungicides and nutritional supplements. Providing unique, natural solutions that improve plant health and resiliency against infection and disease is a goal of our Alltech Nutrigenomics Research Center.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals, Without Losing Profitability

Struggling to keep up with the swell of the earth’s population without depleting its natural resources, farmers are forced to find innovative ways to produce more with less. Add the challenges posed by increasingly banned chemicals with the collective consumer voice demanding clean, traceable produce, and modern growers find themselves in a dilemma. With many conventional chemicals out of favor, natural products are rapidly gaining ground in standard application programs. Biological control methods coupled with precision nutrition strategies are now becoming an integral part of modern agronomic programs.

Defending against Environmental Challenges

Pest control must find the delicate balance between the pest, host plant, and the production environment. Elimination of all pests; insects, pathogens, and weeds is impossible. Crop production is intimately tied to the environment and fertility plays a role in protection. Enhancing a plant’s natural systemic resistance leads to improved crop quality and yields by reducing fungal disease occurrence.