Growth is Natural with us

Growth is Natural with us

Alltech Crop Science is a subsidiary of Alltech, providing natural-based products and solutions to agronomic and horticultural challenges facing producers worldwide. Since 1994, our philosophy has been to manufacture proven, traceable products that enhance crop production. With more than 6,000 employees and a presence in more than 120 countries, Alltech has developed a strong regional presence in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle-East, Africa and Asia.

Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA, Alltech Crop Science is fueled by a state-of-the-art production facility supported by an ultra-modern fermentation system, a research farm, a world-renowned development laboratory, and Nutrigenomics Center. Illustrating our commitment to localized production, the world’s largest yeast fermentation facility was built in São Pedro do Ivaí, Brazil, to service this fast-growing market.

Alltech’s global headquarters facility in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

If current projections hold true, in a mere 50 years the Earth’s already massive population will rise to a staggering 9 billion inhabitants. Consider the facts: 80% of potential farmland is already cultivated with 15% of that land damaged by past agricultural practices. Add climatic uncertainty, the demand for safety and traceability, a reduction in chemical effectiveness and increasingly harsh usage restrictions. Weigh these concerns against the pressures of maintaining profitability, and the ultimate goal of productivity with sustainability becomes an intricate balancing act.

Our world-renowned yeast fermentation facility in São Pedro do Ivaí, Brazil.

Our Vision:
At Alltech, our mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals, and plants through scientific innovation.

Our Values:
Alltech improves health and performance by adding nutritional value naturally through its innovative use of yeast fermentation, enzyme technology, algae and nutrigenomics. The company’s pursuit of this mission is guided by its founding ACE principle: our promise that in doing business we have a positive impact on Agriculture, the Consumer, and the Environment.

Our Center for Nutrigenomics and Applied Nutrition studies the effect of nutrition on gene expression.